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Audio Installation

MDF Wood Speaker Baffle
Speaker Magnet Clearance Check
Accoustic Sponge Around Speaker
Amplifier Installation in Trunk of
Volvo S40  
Amplifier Installation in Trunk of
BMW X5  
Amplifier Installation in Trunk of
Honda City  
Wiring & Installation of Midrange
Speaker and Passive Crossover  
Speaker Wiring & Installation on
Aluminium Speaker Baffle  
Subwoofer Wiring & Installation in
Subwoofer Enclosure  
New Honda Civic Replacement
Panel for Double Din Head Unit  
Custom Fabrication of Single Din
Head Unit Panel for Perodua Myvi  
Wiring & Installation of Power
Capacitor and Passive Crossovers  
Custom Acrylic Tweeter Stand  
Custom Bracket for Tweeter
Behind Stock Door Grill 
Size Comparison of Stock and
Aftermarket Speakers  
Wiring & Connection of HU Socket
and Factory Wires  
Wiring & Connection of Aftermarket
and Factory Speaker Wires  
Speaker Wire and Speaker Clip
Protected by Heat Shrink Rubber