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McIntosh MCC406M

Category: Mcintosh
Product Code: MCC406M

The MCC406M six-channel power amplifier offers 400 watts of combined power output with high current capability. It will drive any high quality loudspeaker system to its ultimate performance levels. Six power amp channels, four each capable of 50 watts and two capable of 100 watts with less than 0.005% distortion assure that you will not be underpowered! The fully discrete design features transient turn-on protection, multi-stage thermal protection, and regulated cooling fans. Of course, the legendary McIntosh fully complimentary double balanced configuration is also present. 

Product Details: Features
  • 50 watts x 4 and 100 watts x 2, 20-20kHz, 4 ohms, 0.005%THD
  • 50 Watt Channel Pairs Bridgeable for 200 watts
  • 100 watt channels may be bridged for 400 watts
  • Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply
  • Balanced Noise Canceling Inputs
  • Glass Top Plate w/Illuminated Wattmeters