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McIntosh MCC404M

Category: Mcintosh
Product Code: MCC404M
Metered Power Amplifier

One look at the MCC404M multi-channel power amplifier and you know it's a McIntosh. There's the traditional glass top panel and those famous big blue wattmeters but, like all Macintosh's, the MCC404M is more than just a pretty face.

A sophisticated MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated regulated power supply is used to create 100 watts x 4, 20 - 20k, at 0.005% THD - all channels driven. Paired channels can be bridged to provide 400 watts x 2 at the same frequencies and distortion levels. Channel configuration is selectable between two, three, and four channel output. The high current output is stable even into 2 ohms. Power is rated using a 12-volt battery.

MCC404M Power Amplifier Features

Power Output
The MCC404M consists of four separate power amplifier channels, each capable of 100 watts into 4 ohm speakers with less than .005% distortion.

4 Bridgeable Channels
The MCC404M includes four 100 watt amplifier channels. Each pair of channels can be set in bridged configuration for 400 watts output into 4 ohm loudspeakers with less than 0.007% distortion.

High Current Output
A peak output current of 20 amperes ensures that the MCC404M will successfully drive high quality loudspeakers, such as McIntosh, for a truly exciting sound experience.

Equalizer and Variable Crossover Filters
The one band equalizer has a center frequency that is variable from 40Hz to 2,000Hz that  can be either cut or boosted +/- 12dB. 12dB per octave high pass filters with variable corner frequencies from 5Hz to 5,000Hz and 12dB per octave low pass filters with variable corner frequencies from 50Hz to 5,000Hz.

Power Guard and Sentry Monitor
All channels include the patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit that prevents the amplifier from being overdriven into clipping with its harsh distorted sound that can also damage your valuable loudspeakers. McIntosh Sentry Monitor power output stage protection circuits are present on all channels to ensure theMCC404M will have a long and trouble free operating life.

Speaker Protection
If for any reason, a DC voltage appears at the speaker output terminal, a built-in circuit turns off the amplifier power supplies to prevent damage to your valuable loudspeakers.