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DQXS Digital Crossover / Equalizer

Category: Audio Control
Product Code: DQXS Digital Crossover / Equalizer

Six Channel Digital Equalizer / Crossover with Memory

The DQXS achieves maximum performance by combining three high performance equalizers and a six channel crossover in one compact chassis. Six discrete inputs provide ultimate system flexibility by allowing input from two, four, or six input channels. A simple menu selection allows you to match up the inputs with your particular system configuration. The DQXS can even work with factory-installed source units.

  • Six Channel Three-way Crossover
  • Six Input and Eight Output Channels
  • One-third Octave and One-half Octave Equalization Controls per Channel
  • Two Parametric Equalizers per Channel
  • 142 Total Equalization Filters
  • Outputs for Front Highpass, Front Bandpass, Rear Highpass, and Subwoofer Outputs
  • 24dB/octave Linkwitz Riley Alignment Crossover Slopes
  • Eight User Programmable Memories
  • Utilizes an Audio Enhanced DSP
  • Output Level Controls
  • Input for Optional DDC (Digital Dash Control)