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Alpine INA-W900E

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Product Code: Alpine INA-W900E


• USB Connection for iPod®, iPhone® and USB mass storage
• Included USB Cable and iPod Adapter with Video
• Ai-NET Connection
• Built In Bluetooth
• Remote Control Included
• DVD/CD Changer Control
• OSD 4 Color Change 



• ULCD 7" Touch Screen
• WVGA Resolution 1,152,000 pcs.
• LED backlight
• Visual EQ function
• ID3-tag Language
W900E: English/Chinese
W900ET: English/Thai 



• USB connection is compatible with iPods® (5th generation), iPod® classic, iPod® touch, and iPod® nano (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation). Now that we have the guidelines and go-ahead to use



• Gyro sensor Built In



• Height:100mm (2DIN)
• Width:178mm (2DIN)
• Depth:160.5mm
• Weight:2.9 kg



• Power Rating: 50W x 4
• 3 Pre Outs
• Pre Output Voltage: 2V
• Power Antenna 
• Remote On Signal
• 1 AV Output



• 1 AV Input
• Direct Rear Camera Input




• DVD-R/-RW/VR Playback
• MP3/WMA/AAC/Playback
• Burr-Brown 24bit DAC
• IMPRINT Ready 
• MediaXpander, T-Correction, 7band G-EQ/5babd P-EQ, HPF (PXA-H100 Required) 


This Advanced Navi Station gives you all the audio and video choices you want, plus a cutting-edge, feature-packed navigation system
and built-in Parrot Bluetooth capability. Touch screen operation puts abundant information and entertainment right at your fingertips.


Faster System Bootup
Many navigation systems take a long time to boot up, which can be very annoying. With the INA-W900E, this is not a problem. Bootup takes only a few seconds, and you can then input your destination.

Active Menu 
This is a new Alpine feature that lets you choose your most often used functions and put them into an Active Menu for quick selection. This menu can show up to eight functions.

Choice of Five Map Views
The INA-W900E gives you a choice of five different map visuals. Depending on your location and preference, you can choose among North Up, Heading Up, 3D, 2D City and 3D City.

Super-Sharp Picture Quality
With 1.5 million pixels, this 7” WVGA screen delivers super high resolution so maps and videos are clear and sharp. White LED backlighting ensures bright, vivid colours
and you can select four viewing modes for best picture quality.

Top Sound Quality and IMPRINT Ready
In addition to the superb sound quality from Alpine’s advanced technologies, the INA-W900E is IMPRINT Ready, so you can take your system’s sound to an even higher level by adding the PXA-H100 or PXA-H800 sound processors.

Rear Camera Ready for Greater Safety
A direct camera input terminal lets you add a camera so you can check the monitor to see what’s behind your vehicle. With rear camera installation, the screen on the
INA-W900E will automatically switch to the rear camera view when the car is moving backward.
* Rear camera sold separately.

Dual Zone Control
By adding a rear seat monitor and headphones, passengers in the back can enjoy movies and other sources, while music plays for front seat passengers. Both sources can be selected and controlled from the INA-W900E.

Built-in Parrot Bluetooth
Built-in Parrot Bluetooth gives you hands-free operation of a Bluetoothenabled phone along with full phonebook access. An additional benefit is that Parrot software updates
provide support for future phones.

Direct Touch Convenience
Alpine’s sensitive Touch Screen gives you convenient control of many functions at the touch of a finger, and also lets you operate Direct Touch Control Ready sources