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Alpine IVA-D511E

Category: Alpine
Product Code: Alpine IVA-D511E

Customise the Sound of Your System
Use the Digital Time Correction function to compensate for varying speaker distances, ensuring that you hear all the channels at the same time. You can also customise the sound with a 7-band graphic EQ, 5-band parametric EQ and High Pass Filter.

Digital AM/FM Tuner
Alpine's new digital AM/FM tuner finds and locks onto stations with extreme precision for superior sound quality and faster tuning performance.

Handy USB Port
The USB port lets you plug in your iPod, iPhone or USB device for instant music access. A USB cable is included.

Upgrade with Parrot Bluetooth
If you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you'll want to add the KCE-400BT to your system. Compatible with many phones, they allow hands-free operation, phonebook downloading, and A2DP AV streaming. You also get the advantage of Parrot software updates for new phones.