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Dynamat DynaDeck

Category: Dyamat - Sound Proof Material
Product Code: Dynamat DynaDeck

Dynamat's DynaDeck waterproof floor liner helps protect the interior of your vehicle against the ravages of both Mother Nature and muddy soles. This non-adhesive composite carpet replacement combines thermal insulation with low-frequency noise-blocking capabilities — you'll have more enjoyment of your music without unwanted distractions from road, wind, and engine noise.

The bottom layer of DynaDeck features 1/4" of thermoacoustic foam, while the top layer consists of a durable, deep-twist embossed vinyl grain that won't absorb water, keeping the floorboards of your vehicle clean and dry. DynaDeck provides an ideal protective layer for Dynamat's Original, Xtreme, or SuperLite noise killers on your floor, and it works great in jeeps, convertibles, street rods, and vintage sports cars to keep them in tip-top shape.