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Viper 330V

Category: Viper Alam
Product Code: Viper 330V

Product Features:

  • OEM Keyless Entry System Upgrade
  • Turns factory keyless entry into a full security system
  • On-board relay dome light supervision
  • Failsaife Starter Kill prevents vehicle's starter from cranking when system is armed
  • LED indicator shows status of system, can also be used to report triggers and faults in system or sensors
  • Revenger six-tone siren
  • Ignition controlled door locks
  • Valet switch is used to override alarm when a transmitter is lost or damaged
  • One auxiliary output
  • Warn Away Response consists of several seconds of horn honks and flashing parking lights
  • Panic and auxiliary channel enables user to control an optional accessory by pressing door lock button twice
  • Microprocessor constantly monitors all switches and sensors connected to system
  • Also found as: Viper 427V
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix warranty