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Eton RS 161 6" 2-way component speakers

Category: Eton
Product Code: Eton RS 161 6" 2-way component speakers

RS 161

The woofer is comparable to the RS 160. The Eton team combined the tweeter CX 260, which impresses with it´s high resolution; hand coated silk dome, as well as the minor installation dimensions. The tweeter keeps it´s swivel and rotation function when installed.

Technical Data Symbol RS 161
Nominal impedance Zn 4 Ω
DC resistance Re 3,1 Ω
Characteristic sound pressure level 1W / 1m   90dB SPL
Rated power   50W
Resonance frequency 1 Watt fr 47 Hz
Effective piston area SD 137 cm2
Suspension compliance CMS 0,79 mm/N
Mechanical Q factor QMS 2,72
Electrical Q factor QES 0,44
Total Q factor QTS 0,38
Equivalent air volume of suspension VAS 20 dm3
Mech. resistance RMS 1,51 kg/s
Total moving mass (including air mass) MMD 13,4 g
Voice coil diameter   25 mm
Voice coil carrier   Aluminium
Wrapping amplitude   11,5 mm
Nr. of layers   2
Voice coil inductance Le 0,36 mH
Magnetic inductance B 1,1 Tesla
Power factor BL x I 5,4 Tm
Height of pole   6 mm
Magnetic ring diameter   82 mm
Magnetic ring height   15 mm
Mass of speaker   1,05 kg