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Eton Pro 110 4" 2-way component speakers

Category: Eton
Product Code: Eton Pro 110

PRO 110

As with some of the other models mentioned here, we also rely on the combination with the 1" fabric tweeter with the PRO 110. We want to emphasize that for all systems specially coated, heat resistant voice coils are used guaranteeing a high degree of reliability.

Technical Data Symbol PRO 110
Outer Diameter   100 mm
Cut-out Diameter   91 mm
Mounting Depth   51 mm
Nominal impedance Zn 4 Ω
DC resistance Re 3,2 Ω
Characteristic sound pressure level 1W / 1m   88dB SPL
Rated power   60W/90W
Resonance frequency 1 Watt fr 99 Hz
Effective piston area SD 55 cm2
Suspension compliance CMS 0,42 mm/N
Mechanical Q factor QMS 2,57
Electrical Q factor QES 0,8
Total Q factor QTS 0,61
Equivalent air volume of suspension VAS 1,8 dm3
Mech. resistance RMS 1,24 kg/s
Total moving mass (including air mass) MMD 4,3 g
Voice coil diameter   25 mm
Voice coil carrier   Aluminium
Wrapping amplitude   6,6 mm
Nr. of layers   2
Voice coil inductance Le 0,22 mH
Magnetic inductance B 1,1 Tesla
Power factor BL x I 3,6 Tm
Height of pole   4 mm
Magnetic ring diameter   72 mm
Magnetic ring height   15 mm
Mass of speaker   0,56 kg