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Pioneer DEH-X9550BT

Category: Pionner
Product Code: Pioneer DEH-X9550BT

New Pioneer DEH models take audio experience up a notch with a plethora of new and improved functions, delivering a stellar in-car audio experience. The new arrays of receivers feature significant improvements from their predecessors including a diverse range of functions to suit the unique needs of consumers.

Full Dot 3-Line LCD Display
Finely detailed Full Dot 3-Line LCD display features flap face with sleek, elegant design. The CD slot is concealed behind the front panel flap, so the receiver’s face looks extra-sleek and elegant.

Simple, seamless music connection makes it quick and easy to enjoy Non-Stop Mix Play. Cool Flashing Colour livens up the cabin with light pulsing to the beat of the music.
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App Mode for iPhone 
The receiver is equipped with App Mode that allows users to view compatible application-based content on the display. Drivers get to access the music source directly from their CD receiver to enjoy the audio-streaming applications from an iPhone or iPod.

Voice Control for iPhone
Giving drivers more control over movement, drivers can enjoy integrated voice-activation for their music selection. Tapping on the voice recognition function for iPhone 4 / 4S, drivers can now rely on their in-car CD receiver to deliver instructions in the car to make a call or select a music track, making the driving experience a seamless yet enjoyable one.

Smartphone Compatibility 
This receiver also sports partial compatibility with Android™ phones. Android™ phone users can now look forward to listening to their favourite songs stored in their mobile phones through the CarMediaPlayer application.
Dual USB Ports 
Dual USB Ports with 1A high current handling capability enable connections to various digital devices.
Music Browser
Music Browser for faster, simpler song search and selection.
Separated Colour Customization
Colour Customization lets user match a receiver to cabin and dash.
Built-in Bluetooth by Parrot Technology makes hands-free calling loud and clear. Enjoy wireless audio control and streaming.
Advanced Sound Retriever
Advanced Sound Retriever reproduces high-quality sound from compressed digital audio files.

Anti-Dust Design

Anti-Dust Design ensures reliability and stability of performance as heat are optimally dissipated and entry of dust are prevented.