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Celestra RA220x

Category: Celestra
Product Code: RA220x
We wish to introduce you this amp with some technical descriptions:
  • 2x 200W rms nominal power;
  • built as "DUAL MONO" (fully separate 2 main boards);
  • "audiophile grade" audio quality - Zero Feedback Ratio Design;
  • bypassable low-pass and high-pass internal cross-over fully independent in tuning (50-3.5K)Hz;
  • perfect for filtering points as sub & low-mid; low-mid & high-mid; high-mid & tweeter;
  • two independent 600W DC (@12V) high frequency switching power supplies;
  • no one aluminum capacitor in the signal path;
  • 6 powerMOS 200W each on audio output stage;
  • intelligent electronic protection design capable to put out high impulsive currents;
  • one of the most compact amp in its category;
  • fine chromed and polished finish.
  • high flux capacity air cooling