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Philips Go Pure Automotive Clean Air System

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Product Code: Philips Go Pure Automotive Clean Air System


In the car, the air quality is at question as there are suspended particulates matters such as dust, pollen, harmful gasses, bacteria and viruses. More, there is smoke and new car smell that would put the health of your family and yourself at risk.See table


With Philips GoPure Automotive Clean Air System, the situation shall be improved significantly. Philips with its superior 3-stage filtering technology helps to quickly remove and reduce the pollutants and the odors to ensure healthy air on the go.


3-stage filtering process



Stage 1: Pre Filter Stage 2: HEPA Filter Stage 3: HESA Filter
It captures big particles like human hair and pet hair.
It removes 99.9% of fine particles as small as 0.3 μm like airborne microorganisms, airborne bacteria, airborne viruses, dust and pollen.
It is highly effective to remove bad odors like smoke, and decontaminates the air from chemical pollutants and harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and volatile organic compound.


Product features


Air Quality Improvement Indicator • Intelligent sensor with LED indicator to indicate air quality improvement
• Blue (very good), deep purple (good), light purple (low)
Filter Replacement Indicator Filter replacement LED warning to indicate filter change and maintain optimal filtering performance
Night Driving Mode Light sensor for automatic dimming to minimize glare during night driving
Easy installation Smart mounting solutions and 12V plug for installation in the front, on the dashboard (1), at the back of the front seats (2) and in the back, on the quarterdeck (3)


  • Boost mode with the powerful motor to clean the air at high speed. Only 10 minutes and    the air quality is improved significantly
  • Automatic switch on when you start the car at normal mode


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