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Zapco 200.2

Category: Zapco
Product Code: 200.2

2-Channel Amp with Crossover and Bass Control

-SymbiLink™ Balanced Inputs

-RCA Unbalanced Inputs

-2 ohm stereo stable

-18 dB variable bass boost control

-Built in variable electronic crossover


-Three channel capable

-High Current Bi-Polar output devices

-Optically isolated MOSFET power supply

-Switch for use as stereo, single L ch. or R ch. bridge
-L+R sum mono for use as a bass amp
-Surface mount technology w/1% resistors,
precision caps, and massive ground planes

-Three year warranty (If Authorized Dealer Installed)

-Quality ZAPCO construction



Stereo, 4 ohms:

Stereo, 2 ohms:

Bridged, 4 ohms:

T.H.D. + Noise:

S/N Ratio:

Slew Rate:

Damping Factor:


2 x 50 Watts

2 x 100 Watts

1 x 200 Watts

<0.01% @ 4 ohms



>160 @ 4 ohms

11"L x7.5"W x 2"H