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Product Code: MSE KEYBOX

MSE KEYBOX - A powerful weapon against car burglars << BACK  

Consumers are unable to make changes to the basic equipment of their cars; all that they can normally do is add aftermarket accessories to it.

Many buyers are looking for something that is most suitable for them. Because of this, MASTERS SPECIALIZZATI ELECTRONICS, has launched the MSE KEYBOX 2M2 Car Burglar Alarm, a series of MSE aimed at fulfilling consumers' needs, providing a variety of accessories to car owners, who now have the freedom to choose their accessories based on personal preferences and suitability.

This accessory is the combination of technology and art, truly complementing your stylish taste. Using a patented slide design, the slide usage will automatically push and retrieve your car key to protect the accessory from being scratched.

Changing accessory cover: Other than the original color, you can also choose a variety of covers, as well as applying on colorful stickers. The product comes with a dedicated slot for the insertion of chips; for immobilizer functions of the manufacturers. We highly recommend it to the consumers. And do register the MSE guarantee card to enjoy the manufacturer's after sales and guarantee service. We aim to bring an exciting life to out customers, while providing a guarantee for efficient safety. The MSE KEYBOX 2M2 series is a product that will become an important element and symbol for car fashion of today.