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Dynamat SuperLite

Category: Dyamat - Sound Proof Material
Product Code: Dynamat SuperLite

Dynamic Control of North America is now shipping Dynamat SuperLite. Dynamat SuperLite is available now for auto enthusiasts who want the noise reduction of a premium damping material and the benefits of a lightweight product. Smaller cars where weight may be a concern can now have the best noise and vibration reduction available in a super‐thin and lightweight design with, super‐effective Dynamat SuperLite. New blue SuperLite is a space‐age composite of lightweight aluminum and a low density synthetic core. SuperLite is 1/3 thinner and lighter than Dynamat Xtreme. SuperLite is offered in two package sizes designed to fit the needs of a wide variety of consumers. The SuperLite Tri‐Pak consists of three 18” x 32” sheets totaling 12 sq. ft. and the SuperLite Bulk Pak consists of twelve 18” x 32” sheets totaling 48 sq. ft. Both kits will feature an artist rendering of Dynamat owner, Scott Whitaker’s, outrageous ’49 Mercury named, Merrodder.