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Mcintosh MDA5000

Category: Mcintosh
Product Code: MDA5000

MDA5000 D/A Converter Features

HDCD® Decoder with 24 Bit 8 Times Over-Sampling Digital Filter
The MDA5000 is equipped with a powerful 24 Bit digital signal processor. This digital signal processor can provide automatic HDCD decoding and 8 times over sampling digital filter function for both CD and HDCD. The HDCD decoder provides a wider dynamic range when the HDCD disc is used.

HDCD® Indicator
The MDA5000 is equipped with a HDCD Indicator. The indicator will be lit when the HDCD Digital Audio Signal is present at input.

Selected Grade 24 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
The MDA5000 is equipped with a selected grade 24 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter per channel. This advanced Digital-to-Analog Converter can provide low-distortion, low-noise and high fidelity sound.

Digital Interface Receiver
The MDA5000 is equipped with a low jitter clock recovery digital interface receiver. A very clean recovered clock from the incoming signal is used in the converter to maintain the sound quality.

Two Coaxial and One Optical Digital Audio Input  with Automatic Switching
The MDA5000 has two coaxial and an optical digital audio input. All inputs are monitored continuously and switched automatically.

Gold Plated Terminals
McIntosh provides gold plated input and output terminals on the MDA5000 for superior corrosion resistance.
MDA5000 D/A Converter Specifications


Output Voltage
3.2 (+/-0.1)V RMS (CD Mode)
6.4 (+/-0.2)V RMS (HDCD Mode)

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.005% (1kHz)

Dynamic Range
Better than 98dB (1kHz)

Frequency Response
+0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Better than 110dB

Channel Separation
Better than 105dB (1kHz)

Output Impedan
600 ohms


D/A Conversion
24 Bit

Digital Filter
8 times Over Sampling

Sampling Frequency

Analog Filter
2nd Order Butterworth Filter

Digital Inputs
Coaxial 0.5V -p/75 ohm (inputs 1 & 2)
Optical (input 3)

Power Requirements
14V DC (10.8V to 15.6V available), 0.65A