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KK Lau Car Audio Specialist (KK Lau) started in 1989 with the intention to offer quality and value for money car audio to customers. Back then, the quality of installation was not up to par and mostly poorly done. KK Lau Car Audio Specialist's vision was to offer unsurpassed quality installation and products to give customers peace of mind.

In order to achieve this sort of high standards, KK Lau Car Audio Specialist is equipped with all the necessary equipment like RTA meters, SPL meters, Level matching, oscilloscopes , rotor cutter, etc.


With more than 20 years of experience, KK Lau Car Audio Specialist stocks various leading brands of head unit, amplifiers, speakers, and car electronics. In the full context of providing a complete range of car accessories, KK Lau Car Audio Specialist also stocks branded security system, tint films, Bluetooth sets, navigation units and accessories of high standards.

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