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SikaBaffle 278

Sika Baffle

2-component acoustic foam for vehicle body cavity sealing

Areas of application:

@sikabaffle 278 is especially designed for filling and insulating,noise absorbing and sealing og holes,like :-A,B,C pillars :-Root rails,engine rails :-Rocker & etc :- it adheres to all common automotive material except from surface as polyethylene,silicone,oil,grease and similar substrates.SikaBaffle 278 is used for manual vehicle production as well as for repair and service solution.

Product Benefits

@Excellent noise and vibration absorption

@Insulation against water ,moisture and dust

@ Prolonged open time

@High initial tack

@Good adhesio to a wide variety of substrates

@Capable of withstanding high dynamic stresses

@ cured foam does not shrink or expand

@ Ready to use

@ easy to apply

@ No dripping